Sell Your Titles With Stripe & FlipGuardian!

FlipGuardian allows you to create a new Stripe account or leverage an existing Stripe account as your payment processor for accepting payments with FlipGuardian...
We’ll help you get paid faster

With the Stripe and FlipGuardian integration, your readers can pay for your titles using their preferred credit or debit card – or with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

You’ll be joining millions of businesses around the world that use Stripe to process billions of dollars in transactions each year.

We’ll help you get paid faster
And get paid more often
...  And get paid more often

FlipGuardian's Flipbook Player with it's built in cart/gating functionality means customers never have to leave your campaign to make a payment.  

It's fast, secure, convenient and seamless for buyers, making purchasing easier and supercharging your conversion rates by decreasing traditional payment frictions.

... With transaction reporting

Wherever you receive payments via Stripe from your FlipGuardian Flipbook Players (your free hosted pages, your embedded players on your own websites etc.), you’ll automatically see the transaction data inside both your FlipGuardian reporting dashboard and Stripe dashboard.  

With tracking and monitoring sales made easy, you'll spend less time managing and more time selling securely with Stripe.

FlipGuardian - Stripe Reporting
Apple Pay & Google Pay
And Apple Pay & Google Pay!

With our Stripe integration you can easily collect payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay in your FlipGuardian player.

Supported browsers include Chrome Desktop, Chrome Android, macOS Safari, iOS Safari, and Microsoft Edge for Windows.

Integration With Your Stripe Account Takes Just Minutes!
FlipGuardian - Stripe Connect

Connect your Stripe account to FlipGuardian with just a few clicks. If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can easily create one from within FlipGuardian (it's free).

FlipGuardian - Get Payment

Set your campaign type to "Get Payment" and choose the preferred currency and amount.  Pick the page number that triggers the payment gate and you're all set to sell.

FlipGuardian - Stripe Integrations

You can also add successful buyers to your favourite autoresponder and/or webinar service using our direct integration (ProductDyno and Zapier Too!)


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