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Super Funky Pro-Level Power-Ups!

FlipGuardian Pro - Power Up Feature #1

Export Your FlipGuardian Campaigns

Export Your FlipGuardian Campaigns

The perfect way to spread your content (and your message) far and wide.  Or... An amazing option to license your content to others for BIG bucks!

  • Sell / license your content to other FlipGuardian users.  Offer ready made leadgate and sales campaigns as bonuses and much more.
  • Provide affiliates and partners with valuable, ready made promotional tools to promote your business.
  • Build a network of syndication partners and publish each others content, creating revenue & lead generation opportunities for all.
  • Lock and control the functionality of exported player/campaigns.

Note:  With a standard account you can import any exported campaign, but with this Pro feature you can also now export any of your campaigns and enable other FlipGuardian users to import them into their own accounts.

FlipGuardian Pro - Power Up Feature #2

Pre-Roll, Pre-Gate & Post Read Video

Pre-Roll, Pre-Gate & Post Read Video

You already know about the power of video...  And now you can harness it within your FlipGuardian campaigns.  Add strategically positioned videos to boost sales and lead generation or add extra content/value to any PDF.

  • Connect and engage with your readers, encourage them to read, opt-in or buy with strategically positioned videos inside your flipbooks.
  • Deliver extra content, bonus tutorials even full blown video courses for your readers to watch and add maximum value to your offers.
  • Works with YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and any self hosted .MP4 video.
  • Position video(s) to play before or after the gate.  Using these options:  Before Reading / Before the Gate / After Ungating / After Reading.

FlipGuardian Pro - Power Up Feature #3

Add Customizable Annotations

Add Customizable Annotations

Help your readers spend more time and get even more value from your content with customizable Annotations.

Give your readers links to more information, personal notes or extra tips, without interrupting their experience. Annotation Links can be set to display top or bottom, left or right and on as many pages as you need.

  • A great way to add additional context to any content.
  • Promote offers and affiliate products right inside your books
  • Update/edit annotations on the fly without re-uploading your books.

FlipGuardian Pro Launch Buyers Only Bonus

Zero FlipGuardian Transaction Fees

ZERO FlipGuardian Transaction Fees 

That's right!  Upgrade to  FlipGuardian Pro during our 'Early Bird' launch phase and we'll waive all future FlipGuardian transaction fees.

Standard accounts are subject to a 2% transaction fee on all sales.  Pro accounts with an active subscription pay zero fees (Note:  Stripe fees still apply)

  • 0% FlipGuardian transaction fees on ALL Pay Gate driven sales.
  • Maintain your annual low price Pro subscription to keep this benefit.
  • Save potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year! 

Quick Math:  If you generate $5,000+ in content sales over the next 12 months (or plan to) this added benefit to your Pro upgrade today will pay for itself...  making your upgrade effectively FREE!

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30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you aren’t happy with your upgrade let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you an immediate refund no questions, no quibbles. We don’t think it’ll come to that, but want to give you total peace of mind.


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