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6 Types of Products Every Info-Product Creator Ought to Have in Their Sales Funnel...

Every once in a while, someone creates a product that takes off like crazy and makes them very rich. But the chances of that happening are about as likely as you getting struck by lightning. That’s why you’re going to want to create a sales funnel full of products so that you can sell additional offers to existing customers, which is your surest path to success.

So, with that in mind, check out these ideas for products you ought to have in your sales funnel too.

Lead Magnets

These are your free products that you'll use to get people on your mailing list. They could take the form of ebooks/reports, printables, downloadable tools (such as checklists and worksheets) and lots more.

FlipGuardian provides you with the perfect way to deliver this content with the built in Lead Gate that connects seamlessly to your favourite autoresponder service, webinar tool or CRM (via Zapier).

Tripwire Products

These are high-value products that you sell at a low cost  to quickly convert your new leads into customers. For example, you might sell a really high-value report or action guide for $10.  Again FlipGuardian is the tool to use here.  It's built in Pay Gate connects with Stripe to give you built in shopping cart functionality.  It's super smooth, you can also provide your prospective buyer with a preview of the content before introducing the Pay Gate which will further increase conversions and lead to higher funnel revenue.

Core Offers

This is your flagship offer, which typically comes with a premium price tag. A good core offer is an in-depth course that you sell for $97, $197 or more.  You can deliver this content with a platform like ProductDyno or even better, set up your core offer inside FlipGuardian and use the ProductDyno integration to instantly deliver membership access and more when someone purchases through a Pay Gate.

Read/Download Your Bonus Book...

and speaking of bonus books...

Bonus Products

You use these products to help persuade people to buy your other products. You may have two kinds of bonus products:

1.Bonus products that you use to persuade people to buy your products.
2.Bonus products that you use to persuade people to buy your affiliate offers.

In both cases, your bonuses should be high-value offers that enhance the use or enjoyment of the main product.  A great way to deliver these are with FlipGuardian's Password Gate campaigns.  Once set up you can then simply give qualifying buyers a password to unlock and optionally download your bonus content.


These are products that you sell during the ordering process (right on the order form). For example, if you’re selling a video training course on setting up an online business, you might offer personal coaching on the backend to help people choose their niche and other issues with which they’ll need personalized help.

Backend Products

These are the products you sell to your existing customers. You can sell these offers on your product download pages, within the products themselves, in customer-only private groups, as well as in onboarding emails and other email follow ups.

As always, be sure that these backend products are highly related to the other products in your sales funnel. For example, if someone just purchased a marketing course from you, then you might sell related offers such as advertising templates, SEO plugins, and similar offers.

Conclusion: Think Variety

As you build your sales funnel, keep in mind that you want to include a variety of offers.

This includes:

  • Residual-income offers, such as membership sites and subscriptions.
  • Different types of products, such as ebooks, videos and apps.
  • Products at different price points, generally ranging from $10 to $1,000 or more.
  • Coaching, consulting, and services, if they make sense for your funnel and if you can offer them at a profit.

    Bottom line: the more products you have in your sales funnel, the more opportunities you have to increase the lifetime value of each customer.


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