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Join our rapidly growing army of marketers, content creators and publishers and transform your PDFs into standalone landing pages, embeddable flipbooks with integrated lead generation and sales functionality built in...

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FlipGuardian - Welcome To The Publishing Revolution
Simon Hodgkinson

Simon Hodgkinson "FlipGuardian offers the fastest way to publish your research, reports, books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, newsletters and more and all in just a few clicks. Import a PDF, choose a campaign goal, quickly configure your settings and grab a link to your hosted flipbook page and go. Or embed the player directly in your website, blog, or LMS - no tech skills or support required - You'll love it."

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Generate More Leads & Newsletter Subscribers

Give readers the option to preview your content then seamlessly introduce a Lead Gate to connect these now targeted and engaged prospects to your favorite autoresponder service.  Enabling them to keep reading and (optionally) download your content after they've subscribed to your mailing list.


Boost Sales & Skyrocket Conversion Up To 270%+

Give your readers the opportunity to preview paid content then automatically transition them into buyers using the built in Pay Gate.  It's super simple to set up, works everywhere and everything is fully automated including 'thank you' emails sent to customer and additional post-sale triggered automations.  

Publish Anywhere Fast, eASILY AND SECURELY

No complicated software or scripts to install and nothing else required...  FlipGuardian is point and click simple and all in the cloud, meaning you can login any time to create/manage campaigns from anywhere with an net connection and instantly publish anywhere in just a few clicks.

Grow Your Email List With FlipGuardian!

Build A Bigger, Targeted And More Responsive Mailing List...

FlipGuardian's Mail Gate feature allows you to effortlessly capture names and email addresses from any page point in your readers timeline, so you can grow your email lists faster and optionally send new contacts straight to your CRM

Mail Gate integrates directly with your favourite autoresponder service in just a couple of clicks (see the current list of partner providers we integrate with below) we also give you the option to add your new subscribers to a webinar service or ProductDyno membership and with Zapier integrations thousands more web apps and CRM tools...

...  You can also set and automatically send out customizable welcome or 'thank you' emails to new subscribers that contain direct links to the ungated version of your content and additionally provide an option to download your PDF file from the player after the gate is removed. 

For Ultimate Security:  Each new subscriber gets their own unique and SSL secure link/URL to access their unlocked/ungated content.

FlipGuardian Integrates Directly With All These Autoresponder Services:

FlipGuardian Lead Gate - Autoresponder Integrations

PLUS+  You can automatically add new subscribers to your favourite Webinar software, ProductDyno membership and more, see below...

Lift Sales Conversion With FlipGuardian!

Increase Sales And Conversion With A Built In Shopping Cart...

With a FlipGuardian Pay Gate enabled in your Flip Book player you can sell access to your digital content to anyone in the world in just a matter of minutes. Our Stripe integrated gate provides a seamless experience for your buyers without the need for expensive third-party shopping carts or storefronts.

Our Stripe powered payment system operates with 99.9%+ uptime and is certified to the highest compliance standards. So whether you're powerhouse professional publisher, starting or established author or a content marketing entrepreneur we've got you covered.

Up To 272% Higher Conversions!

Combined with flexible previews our streamlined and fully integrated cart system works on any device (desktop or mobile browser) and gives you the ability to accept major credit and debit cards in a variety of currencies — including USD, EUR, AUD, CAD and GBP.


Add Buyers And New Leads To Your Favourite Autoresponder or Webinar Service, ProductDyno Membership or Seamlessly Connect To More Than 3,000 Digital Services And Web Apps With Built In Zapier Automation :

Add Buyers To Your Favourite Autoresponder or Webinar Service, ProductDyno Membership or Seamlessly Connect To More Than 3,000 Digital Services And Web Apps With Built In Zapier Automation

More FlipGuardian Modes You'll Love!

Secure Content With Integrated Password Protection

Secure Content With Integrated Password Protection...

Deliver proposals, quotes, invoices, catalogs, price lists and more to your clients, partners/affiliates, team members or customers.  You can also use password protection to reward your subscribers, members or social followers with private content that builds value & community.

With password gates you control if any pages are previewable before unlocking or not, set the password, add custom error messages, require agreement to your legal/terms before password submission and more.

Boost Readership With Ungated Access To Your Free Content

Boost Readership With Ungated Access To Your Free Content...

Make it easy for your readers to engage with and immerse themselves in your content on almost any device and in any web browser.  

With FlipGuardian you'll be providing the ultimate experience for readers:  Ad-free hosted pages, beautiful animated page turns, automatic page-resizing, zoomable pages, full screen mode, live links, thumbnail tab navigation, auto-play page turns, sounds on or off toggle, one-click sharing (for your public content) and much more...

Act Now And Get FlipGuardian Beta Today!


"Beta With Benefits"

Advanced Access To FlipGuardian Today.

75% Off The Annual Subscription Fee.

FREE SSL Hosted Flip Player Pages.

Get More Campaign Slots (From 5 To 25).

Unlimited Leads, Sales, Revenue & Views.

Lead Magnet Library Worth $1,000 (more)

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Embed into any html web page, blog post or store

Add flip book players to your blog, LMS and regular html / store pages.  Embed the same campaigns across multiple sites / domains and use either fully responsive and mobile ready mode or display them with custom sizing (Height x Width).



We'll host all of your FlipGuardian campaign pages on our super fast, secure web servers.  It means you can create and publish instantly from anywhere with an internet connection (you don't even need your own website of your own).



Create unlimited campaign categories, allow downloads after ungating, set preview page limits, edit placeholder text, add legal links, player skins (light or dark), background colors, meta tags and custom code for tracking and lots more!

Check Out These FlipGuardian Demos:

FlipGuardian Demo

Ungated Access

Provide unrestricted access to content so it's readable/downloadable for everyone.

FlipGuardian Demo


Get our eCommerce CRO guide.  Use the password: 12345 to unlock and access it.

FlipGuardian Demo

Lead Gated

Opt-in to access to the full guide and get the downloadable/printable checklists.

FlipGuardian Demo


Boost readership by adding stacks of value to your blog posts. Embed ungated books that presell your products (like this example)  or use Lead Gate and Pay Gate campaigns to build your lists / sales.

FlipGuardian Demo


Lift your sales conversions up to 272% with previewable, Pay Gate protected campaigns featuring our integrated Stripe cart.  This is a live demo and you can purchase the book and download for $1.95

FlipGuardian Demo

Embedded Pay gated

If your title needs a little extra preselling you can embed your Pay Gate protected campaigns into your web pages and build additional content around them.  We're using a WordPress page for this demo.

FlipGuardian Demo

Uploaded to A domain

In addition to directly embedding flip book players into your web pages (and as an alternative to the free hosting) you can download your page and upload it to your domain via FTP or through Cpanel.

lead gated vERSION 2 

The title speaks for itself...  Check out this demo and unlock the downloadable PDF. It's essential reading for any information product publisher (and one of our highest converting test pages so far at 46.3%)

Coming Soon

Additional demos will be posted here over the coming days... (Maybe we'll be featuring one of yours in this spot!)

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Watch The Full FlipGuardian Walkthrough Video:

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If for any reason you aren’t happy with FlipGuardian just let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you an immediate refund no questions, no quibbles. We don’t think it’ll come to that, but want to give you total peace of mind.

Lifetime Savings: Your beta discount will be rolled over and added to all future annual rebills giving you savings for the lifetime of your account...
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Early Adopter Bonus:  FREE Hosting For All Your Campaigns!

You can easily embed the FlipGuardian reader and collect leads/ accept payments from ANY website or blog, but we'll also host all of your campaign pages on our fast, secure servers at no extra cost for the lifetime of your account - That means you can publish instantly from anywhere - Even without a website of your own.

frequently asked questions:

Is There A Limit To How Many PDFs I Can Upload?

YES!  We class each uploaded PDF as a new campaign and each account comes with 25 active campaign slots.

If you need more slots, we offer Campaign Expansion Pack that add 100 additional campaign slots into your account - You can purchase as many of these packs as you require.  More Information Here

NOTE:  If you delete an existing live campaign the slot is re-opened and a new PDF/Campaign can be created in it's place.

Do I Own My Own Content?

Yes, You own the content you upload. We will never use, share your content and user data.

Do You Limit Bandwidth?

No we don't!  You can capture unlimited email subscribers/leads and collect unlimited payments from all of your active campaigns and we include free page hosting for each campaign too.

This also includes password protected campaigns which means whether your collecting leads, making sales or just providing your tribe with free access to your content, you'll never be restricted or held back by us.

Which Payment Gateways Are Included?

FlipGuardian has a robust integration with Stripe that streamlines how you accept payments. With Stripe we can also create a seamless customer experience to boost conversion rates by offering digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

All FlipGuardian players are securely hosted / served to your site and our Stripe payment gateway is PCI compliant, ensuring your readers can browse and purchase from your player safely.  

Stripe is a certified Level 1 PCI credit card payment processor. They process your payments and transfer the funds to your bank account.

Are There Transaction Fees On My Sales?

YES!  FlipGuardian charges a flat transaction fee of 2% on our current Beta annual plan.  Stripe charges you an additional credit card processing fee that varies by country. See Stripe pricing for more details.

Is FlipGuardian Easy To Use?

Yes it is!  FlipGuardian offers the fastest way to publish your research, reports, books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, newsletter and more to the web and all in just a few clicks. Simply upload a PDF, choose a campaign goal (collect leads/collect payments/password protection or ungated), quickly configure your settings and grab a link to your already hosted flipbook page and go. Or get the copy and paste code snippet to embed the player directly in your website, blog, or LMS - Zero tech skills or support required.


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