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FlipGuardian Pro - Power Up Feature #1

Export Your FlipGuardian Campaigns

Export Your FlipGuardian Campaigns

The perfect way to spread your content (and your message) far and wide.  Or... An amazing option to license your content to others for BIG bucks!

  • Sell / license your content to other FlipGuardian users.  Offer ready made leadgate and sales campaigns as bonuses and much more.
  • Provide affiliates and partners with valuable, ready made promotional tools to promote your business.
  • Build a network of syndication partners and publish each others content, creating revenue & lead generation opportunities for all.
  • Lock and control the functionality of exported player/campaigns.

Note:  With a standard account you can import any exported campaign, but with this Pro feature you can also now export any of your campaigns and enable other FlipGuardian users to import them into their own accounts.

FlipGuardian Pro - Power Up Feature #2

Pre-Roll, Pre-Gate & Post Read Video

Pre-Roll, Pre-Gate & Post Read Video

You already know about the power of video...  And now you can harness it within your FlipGuardian campaigns.  Add strategically positioned videos to boost sales and lead generation or add extra content/value to any PDF.

  • Connect and engage with your readers, encourage them to read, opt-in or buy with strategically positioned videos inside your flipbooks.
  • Deliver extra content, bonus tutorials even full blown video courses for your readers to watch and add maximum value to your offers.
  • Works with YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and any self hosted .MP4 video.
  • Position video(s) to play before or after the gate.  Using these options:  Before Reading / Before the Gate / After Ungating / After Reading.

FlipGuardian Pro - Power Up Feature #3

Add Customizable Annotations

Add Customizable Annotations

Help your readers spend more time and get even more value from your content with customizable Annotations.

Give your readers links to more information, personal notes or extra tips, without interrupting their experience. Annotation Links can be set to display top or bottom, left or right and on as many pages as you need.

  • A great way to add additional context to any content.
  • Promote offers and affiliate products right inside your books
  • Update/edit annotations on the fly without re-uploading your books.

FlipGuardian Pro Launch Buyers Only Bonus

Zero FlipGuardian Transaction Fees

ZERO FlipGuardian Transaction Fees 

That's right!  Upgrade to  FlipGuardian Pro during our 'Full' launch phase and we'll waive all future FlipGuardian transaction fees.

Standard accounts are subject to a 2% transaction fee on all sales.  Pro accounts with an active subscription pay zero fees (Note:  Stripe fees still apply)

  • 0% FlipGuardian transaction fees on ALL Pay Gate driven sales.
  • Maintain your annual Pro subscription to keep this benefit.
  • Save potentially hundreds / thousands of dollars each year! 

Quick Math:  If you generate $5,000+ in content sales over the next 12 months (or plan to) this added benefit to your Pro upgrade today will pay for itself...  making your upgrade effectively FREE!

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Extra campaign bonus packs are normally sold separately and this extra bonus will only be available during the launch phase.  Take advantage now to guarantee this valuable perk. 

You'll Receive An Unlock Code Via Email That Can Be Activated Inside Your FlipGuardian Account. Each Expansion Pack Will Add 100 Extra Campaign Slots To Your Account.

Included With Launch Offer Only - Value $1,000

Instant Lead Magnet Library Volume 1 - Secrets Collection

These Lead Magnets "Attract" Buyers...


Attention-grabbing titles get people to take notice and take action – and the high quality content impresses the heck out of them!

The topics are appealing, the content is current – this is exactly the sort of stuff your prospects are desperate to get their hands on!

Each PDF is the ideal length of 25-35 pages. That’s meaty enough to be useful, but not so much that it gathers virtual dust on their hard drive, or so comprehensive that they don’t need to buy your paid offers!

These lead magnets are the perfect gateway into promoting your favourite backend offers in your email follow up sequences.

And each title appeals to a broad audience.  You can give these lead magnets away to:

Web Marketers - Bloggers - Small Business Owners - Entrepreneurs - Authors - Speakers - Coaches - Affiliates - Product vendors...  And Many More!

In fact ANYONE who serves the make-money-online industry will LOVE these lead magnets.  And you’ll be proud to give these highly polished books and guides away!

Included With Launch Offer Only - Value $199

Reinforce your brand in your flip book players by removing the FlipGuardian branding on both the flip book players and in outgoing emails, so there’s nothing to distract people from your own brand image.

Rebrand The Player

Rebrand The Flip Player

Rebrand the player to match your book or business branding and add a hyperlink to any URL when someone clicks your logo.  

Simply upload your logo in the correct size format (120x35px) and set your hyperlink destination.

Rebrand Emails

Rebrand Delivery Emails

Rebrand the un-gating / delivery email sent to readers with your logo and hyperlink to any URL when someone clicks your logo.

Simply upload your logo in the correct size format (240x40px) and set your hyperlink destination.

Go 'PLATINUM LEVEL' Right Now...  Get All The Features You Need To Flipping Succeed!

30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If for any reason you aren’t happy with FlipGuardian (we don't think you will be) but simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you an 100% refund. We don’t think it’ll come to that, but want to give you total peace of mind.

Check Out These FlipGuardian Demos:

FlipGuardian Demo

Ungated Access

Provide unrestricted access to content so it's readable/downloadable for everyone.

FlipGuardian Demo


Get our eCommerce CRO guide.  Use the password: 12345 to unlock and access it.

FlipGuardian Demo

Lead Gated

Opt-in to access to the full guide and get the downloadable/printable checklists.

FlipGuardian Demo


Boost readership by adding stacks of value to your blog posts. Embed ungated books that presell your products (like this example)  or use Lead Gate and Pay Gate campaigns to build your lists / sales.

FlipGuardian Demo


Lift your sales conversions up to 272% with previewable, Pay Gate protected campaigns featuring our integrated Stripe cart.  This is a live demo and you can purchase the book and download for $1.95

FlipGuardian Demo

Embedded Pay gated

If your title needs a little extra preselling you can embed your Pay Gate protected campaigns into your web pages and build additional content around them.  We're using a WordPress page for this demo.

FlipGuardian Demo

Uploaded to A domain

In addition to directly embedding flip book players into your web pages (and as an alternative to the free hosting) you can download your page and upload it to your domain via FTP or through Cpanel.

lead gated vERSION 2 

The title speaks for itself...  Check out this demo and unlock the downloadable PDF. It's essential reading for any information product publisher (and one of our highest converting test pages so far at 46.3%)

Coming Soon

Additional demos will be posted here over the coming days... (Maybe we'll be featuring one of yours in this spot!)

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